Buy A Car With Bad Credit When Is The Right Time To Purchase A Car

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Buy A Car With Bad Credit - When Is The Right Time To Purchase A Car?

If you are thinking about purchasing a new car with bad credit, timing is important. Sadly, millions of people are living with bad credit. Unfortunately, it takes time to improve or boost credit rating. Still, if you need to buy a new car, there are options. Before buying a car, carefully consider whether now is the right time.

Can You Buy a Car with Bad Credit?

Buying a new or used car with bad credit is very possible. Of course, there are some disadvantages. Because of a bad credit rating, many lenders consider bad credit applicants a huge risk. Thus, they are likely to increase the interest rate on the auto loan. This way, if and when a loan defaults, the auto lender is able to recover some of their money. Furthermore, some dealership will not approve a bad credit loan application unless there is a co-signer or down payment.

When is Buying a Car with Bad Credit a Good Idea?

If you are hoping to quickly improve your credit score, buying a car with bad credit is a wise move. Rebuilding or re-establishing credit is challenging. However, if you obtain an auto loan, and make regular payments, your credit will improve in as little as six months. Increasing your credit score opens the door for lower rates on future auto loans and credit account.

Because bad credit auto loans have higher interest rates, you must be in a position to afford higher monthly payments. If possible, finance a low amount. You may choose to buy an inexpensive car, or purchase the car with a sizeable down payment.

Purchasing a New Automobile after Bankruptcy or Repossession

If you experienced a recent bankruptcy or repossession, consider postponing buying a new car. A bankruptcy or repossession is extremely damaging. Hence, if financing a new vehicle, you may obtain an interest rate 18% or higher.

To avoid excessively high rates, consider rebuilding your credit first. You may apply for an unsecured credit card or store credit card. After 12 months of timely payments, your credit score will have likely improved. Make a habit of reviewing your personal credit report. Once your credit score has improved, now is the time to finance a new vehicle.

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